Tips to add best keywords for seo in blog post

Tips to add best keywords for seo:-

Recently many of my friends are facing the problem while adding the keywords for seo in the blog post.Many of my followers are facing unknown where to add the keywords in the blog post.That’s why i am writing this detailed articles on the the tips to write keywords in the blog post.It is beneficial for the best post and SEO ranking. If you write the best keywords for seo the your website will skyrocket to the top of the search engine.

Keyword research is the backbone for the SEO search but if you didn’t keep the keywords in the proper place then it won’t be beneficial.Using keywords in the best place will surely determine your ranking and is related to ON PAGE SEO . This is on the many criteria to rank in google.

10 Places to put keywords in blog post to rank better:-

1) Keyword in Title

Title is the most highlighted place to add keywords in the post.Be sure to add the focus keywords in the SEO title.The length of SEO title shouldn’t be wider than viewable limit otherwise it gonna affect your SEO in negative way.According to various experiment adding focus keywords in the first of SEO title will affect your SEO in postive way but it doesn’t look natural . for example if y0ur focus keywords is “best keywords for seo ” then your SEO title could be  “best keywords for seo new tips” or “Tips to add best keywords for seo in blog post” . Second one seems to be much more natural and sounds good and you can use this.

2) Keywords in permalink

It is one of the most important place to add focus keywords. Your permalink must be clear and contain focus keywords. If your permalink look like”” then it will not rank your post in google but if your permalink look like “” it will surely rank your post.Now i am sure you understands the importance of focus keywords in permalink.

3) Keywords in first paragraph

First paragraph of the blog post is very crucial as user is looking for what the entire content is about. make sure you keep the main keyword and also possible related terms to make the first paragraph as a brief description of the entire content.

4)Keywords in ALT TAG


Uploading image is one the crucial part for SEO.Most of the time we upload images to make our blog post SEO optimized but forget to put a meaningful & SEO friendly alt tag. This is a very common mistake many bloggers do in the early days of blogging. make sure you keep the main keyword in the alt tag to keep the seo checklist perfect.

5)Keywords in H2 and H3

You should create a habit of writing blog post by dividing into 2 oe 3 parts dividing it into 2 or 3 main and sub heading.To rank your site your post must contain focus keywords in H2 or H3 for the proper optimization of SEO.

6) Use of bold/Italic 

If you are writing a blog post and it is above 1000 words your post must contain focus keywords and be sure to make it bold,italic and underline the important keywords so that search engine could crawl it easily.

7)Meta description

In the meta description of your blog post write what your post is about in short description.Your meta description must contain atleast one focus keywords and must be short and sweet.

8) Outbound Link to relevant high-quality sites

This is one the most popular now a days. It is similar to exchange traffic among the blog . It will give you a high quality organic traffics.

9)while replying comments

While replying to other comment on your blog post try to keep a focus keywords in your comment so that search engine could find it more easily.

These are the most important tricks you can follow to add focus keywords in your post and will surely affect your SEO factors.


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