This Artificial intelligence can predict when you will die

This Artificial intelligence can predict when you will die

This Artificial intelligence can predict when and How you will die:-

Every person on this universe wants to know how many year he’ll alive.Don’t you guys want to when will you die?Well answer of this question must be “YES”.Every body wants to know about their future.The truth is that you can not predict accurately unless you have a disease that you can not heal.It is the case when doctor will give you an estimation on how many year you will live.But now this task will be done by the computer.Now this task can be done by a computer because they have developed an AI that predicts the life time you have left.This is possible by the means of Artificial intelligence

Well everyone may be thinking this research has been done in japan;But this has been done in Australia.At the university of Adelaide,Australia,they have created an artificial intelligence computer that can predict when and how people will die.This fifth generations AI computer uses image recognition system,a software that can makes a assessment of organs of person in Human body.


“Despite the fact that only a small sample of patients have been used for this study, our research suggests that the team has learned to recognize complex imaging tests, which requires extensive training for human experts,” said the author, the Luke O’Sullivan Beach-Raynor.

 “Instead of focusing on disease diagnosis, automated systems can predict medical outcomes in a way that physicians are not trained to do, incorporating large volumes of data and detecting subtle patterns.Now, it is as accurate as the estimates of a human. This means that the probabilities of success are 69 percent when it comes to a five-year period. However, now the next step in this system will be to present data from thousands of patients.That’s it  for this article relating on AI .If you like this don’t forget to share with your friends and relative



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