Best app to expand the feature of Android

Amazingly Great App to expand the feature of Android

Android is one of the top most operating system in the world of smartphone.There are lots of operating system in smartphone and android operating system has also some of rival because android lack those features. Today i am going to cover some of the amazing great app to expand the feature of the android operating system.Following are the open source app to expand the  feature of android smartphone in a single tap 🙂

10 Amazing app to expand the feature of Android

Some of the tasks they do belong to some devices, but many do not. The list was based on several online researchers and we selected the most interesting ones. Check it out:-


It is one of the best remote control app for your android device.Airdroid  make it possible to exchange files through the wifi networks and allow you to perform various awesome tasks such as sending sms and taking photo by controlling from your dekstop.

2)Dashclock Widget

DashClock is a home screen clock widget for Android 4.2+ phones and tablets, with lock screen support for Android 4.2-4.4. It also exposes additional status items called extensions. The widget comes bundled with extensions that give you instant access to:

• Your current local weather
• Missed calls and unread text messages
• Your next calendar appointment
• Unread Gmail inbox or priority inbox conversations
• Your next scheduled alarm


3)File Manager

One of the great benefits of Android over iOS is that it has a visible folder system, but this advantage is not efficiently accessible by the mobile phone if you have lots of folders. File Manager helps you better organize your folders straight from your smartphone.

4) Gravity Screen

What if you never more required to press the power button again to unlock (or lock) the screen? This app executes this by using the sensors your phone, allowing the screen to automatically turn off when you place your device on the table or in the pocket and detect it when you take it off or run your hand over the screen to turn it on again.

5) Startup Manager


Startup Manager aims at helping disable/enable startup items from system boot for Android devices including smartphones and tablets. To disable an item from system startup, uncheck the application from the list (recheck to restore and it will start again). For other item that do not start with system boot, please use “Customize” to add and enable it to start with system boot.



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