2017 has been a Great year for gamer , specially VR gamer. After the released of PS VR , People are being crazy for VR we have collected the list of TOP-4 best vr games  in 2017.We have researched all over the internet and collected the review of many people to make this list.There has never been a time when more virtual reality games and experiments were in development. VR is finally here (if off to a bit of a slow start due to the price of the headsets), and less than a year after the consumer releases of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift there are lot of great games to play. We’ve chosen a selection of our favorites, which we’ll continue to update as we experience more new dimensions throughout 2017.Here is the list for best vr games in 2017.


1. Arktika

Arktika is extremely polished with a smooth and fast frame-rate displaying oodles of detail. The lighting and colour scheme is very similar to Metro, another game developed by its creator 4A Games.

Arkika’s gameplay appears to be more action-orientated though and tones down the survival horror elements. It’s also compatible with the Oculus Touch meaning you’ll get haptic feedback from each shot and will be able to reload with simple hand gestures.

2. Chronos

Chronos is one of the finest examples of an existing genre being imported into VR and gaining an immense boost of immersion in the process.  “This is a tried-and-true action RPG in the Zelda vein, with timing-heavy combat and puzzle solving that feel more than a little familiar. But Chronos did something for me that Zelda never could. That no game I’ve ever played on a monitor or TV has ever done for me. Even when I’m utterly absorbed in a game’s world, I don’t feel like I’ve been transported inside my monitor. But that’s what it feels like to play Chronos in VR. I was there, and I didn’t want that experience to end.”

This is a meaty 15 hour adventure, with an interconnected (and often beautiful) world to explore and demanding, timing-based combat to learn. It’s all a bit simplified compared to an RPG like Dark Souls, but the experience of playing in VR makes every minute engaging. Of the Oculus Rift launch lineup, this is the only one I’d call an absolute can’t miss. —Wes Fenlon

3. Elite-Dangerous

The first commercial game to offer native VR support, Elite: Dangerous is still the best example of the power of the tech to date. Strapped into the detailed cockpits of its ships, from bulky battleships to nimble fighters, dogfights are intense. It’s like being in the best Star Wars space battle ever. It’s also practical, because you can move your head to track enemy ships as they scream past you. Look down and you’ll see your pilot’s body, and their hands will mirror your own if you’re playing with a flight stick. You can even stand up and walk around your cockpit, providing it’s big enough to do so.

It’s not all about the thrill of dogfighting, though. Elite is impressive in VR no matter what you’re doing: from docking to gazing slack-jawed at stunning cosmic scenery. You’ll never forget the first time you fly into a planet’s ring system. Millions of slowly spinning space-rocks fill your field of view, and you can’t help but just stop and stare. The galaxy is beautiful on a regular 2D screen, but in VR it feels truly massive. Jumping to other stars and docking feel more intimate and intense too when they’re happening right in front of your nose. When you jump to another system, you feel yourself leaning back in your chair as the stars streak past your windows.

4. fallout 4

Bethesda are bringing Fallout 4 to a small stereoscopic, face-mounted screen near you. But not for a little while, however, as they’re currently being delayed by their other upcoming behemoth, Elder Scrolls 6. The Fallout universe is gargantuan, and not really suited to traversing in VR, so movement across large areas is done by teleportation. It’s something that Bethesda says reduces nausea.

So far the demo received lukewarm reviews back in the summer, but it was such an early tech demo and so much was expected that we’re willing to wait it out to see what the next update has in store. From what we’ve seen, they’ve already implemented is the ability to open the Pip Boy with a flick of the wrist, which is awesome.

But we’d love to be able to play fetch with Dogmeat and reload using a gesture or button tap. Nothing’s been heard from Bethesda concerning F4 since that demo except for the shifting of the release date. It’s obvious that they’re holding off to make sure the release is the best they can make it.

 WRAPPING UP:-SO that’s it above are the top 4 VR games According to my research.What you guys think about those game. Be sure to write down in the comment section and spread the love by sharing among your friends.

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