Blog writing tips for beginner 2017 New method

Blog writing tips for beginner 2017:-

The world in 21st century in divided into 2 categories. One is offline world and other is online world.Whether you are working in offline world or online world quality is must.Now a days blogging is also one of the most loved and followed profession. If you want to get a success in this industry then quality post is must to survive in this competitive industry. You should always remember that first impression is last impression. Quality blog post helps you to get the google search ranking in SERP at the same time and will boost the dwell time also.Here i’ll cover some of the important tips for “Blog writing tips in 2017″ .

Quality blog writing tips


This is the most important things you need to take care while writing. You must understand what your blog is about , the title of the blog and more. You could conduct the survey to attract the attention of your audience. In the same way Clear idea is necessary to target the audience and whom you are writing and targeting.Before writing a blog post you must have a clear idea what your audience want from you and their interest , then propose a plan for writing a blog.

You may find confusing ” what types of articles should i write?” then you may get through your audience by social medias.


Before writing the post do a proper keyword research , find a trending topics related to your Niches . Doing research can give you more ideas on what type of post you can write to attract your visitors.After doing a research you could find a catchy title , meta description for your blog post . Do you catchy title for your blog post help to get higher engagement ratio for your blog post? This also helps to know what your audience love to read.


Everyone loves to read a short paragraph . If you have habit of writing short paragraph viewer feel more comfortable , before reading the articles also they can have a feeling that the blog could be helpful for them. But if you use a lengthy and shitty long paragraph this will develop a negative impression on your page.It will also waste the time of the visitor and may keep your website in black lis 😛

Keep the habit of using bold and italics structure to highlight the important topic of your blog. Reader may exactly find the topics what they are searching for.Always write short and neat paragraph with authentic and proof. This will make your ordinary post into great post.


It is one of the most important factor of ON PAGE SEO factors. Heading gives the idea to reader what your content is about.Using proper heading in your blog also helps the search engine to easily find the result.Heading is the main part of that gives the information of whole post in  a single line.

Here are the five principle of heading:-

  • The most important heading on the page should be the H1
  • There is usually only one H1 on any page
  • Subheadings should be H2s, sub-subheadings should be H3s, etc.
  • Each heading should contain valuable keywords; if not, it’s a wasted heading
  • For longer pieces of content, a heading is what helps a reader skip to the parts that he/she finds interesting.


Don’t try to copy from other blog if you are serious about blogging career.You can collect ideas from tons of the website but while writing a blog use your own ideas and simple words while posting.


so these are the best blog writing tips for beginner

Writing great blog post can generate you some traffics and money as well.If you are serious follow this tricks properly .


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