How to build website with wordpress-TECHROYS

How to build website with wordpress-TECHROYS

How to build website with wordpress:-

Hello guys it’s me milan back with another cool article.In this article will be presenting you guys how to build website with wordpress.It seems weird and difficult for you if you aren’t techy.Well don’t worry i will be guiding you through each and every difficulty you will be facing and give a perfect solution to overcome them.Some of you may also get terrified thinking i am not expert in coding.can i make a website?Well this tutorial is for those who doesn’t know coding and want to make a killer website with a professional looks.



build website with wordpress:-

After you plan of creating a website the first step you should decide is where to host your website?Hosting is the place where your website stays on internet.Hosting cost about 6dollar a month or less according to the hosting companies.You guys may be thinking isn’t there free hosting ??Of course you can but if you are going professionally and wants some serious passive income i would recommend you should go with paid hosting.Don’t worry i’ll be showing you the best hosting company i believe and has best reviews.

You can take the hosting from HOSTGATOR.It support all the international card and paypal as payment the link below for discount and offer and be sure to buy through that link:-


After you buy the hosting you will get the cpanel Username and password if yo didn’t get it be sure to contact hosgator.That username can be used to sign in into cpanel.Then you need to install wordpress.

After the one click installation of wordpress you are good to go and congratulation you are one step closer being the owner of website.

Choose perfect theme According to need:-

This is the most important step while making the website.You need to choose the SEO friendly template which is also responsive on all mobile devices and phone.Themes are paid as well as free.

How to search for themes:-

You need to first sign into the wordpress control panel.For this in URL type “”.After that type the wordpress username and password.Then you will be redirected to site like this:-

After that just tap on the appearance as highlighted above,then it will show you a drop menu labelled with themes.Just tap on it search search for desire themes and install it freely.

How do I add content and create new pages?

With your theme installed, you’re ready to start creating content. Let’s quickly run through some of the basics:

Adding and editing pages:-

Want a “Services” page, or an “About Me” page (like I have on my menu at the top of the site)?

1. Look along the sidebar in the WordPress Dashboard for “Pages” -> “Add New”.

2. Once you’ve clicked, you’ll find a screen that looks a lot like what you’ve maybe seen in Microsoft Word. Add text, images and more to build the page you want, then save it when you’re done.

Adding pages to the menu

If you want your new page to be linked to in your navigation bar,

1. Save any changes you’ve made to the page by clicking “Update”

2. Click “Appearance” -> “Menus” in the sidebar of the WordPress Dashboard

3. Find the page you created and add it to the list by clicking the checkbox next to it and then “Add to Menu”.


Ok guys this is the first part on wordpress tutorials.In upcoming post will be showing you guys the best plugins to install and customizing and editing page and more .Upto then good bye!!!


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