Domain authority in 2017- Quick tips to increase

Increase Domain authority:-

Have you checked to domain authority of your blog? If not you can install moz toolbar extension for your browser and check it 🙂 Have you ever heard the word DA ? It means Domain authority and it is one of the most important search engine factor in the recent time . In other word it also indicate the reputation of your website.

Before proceeding further let me clarify you what this articles will be about and what things you will learn after completing my articles :-

  • How to increase DA of website
  • How to increase DA in fast way
  • How to improve DA of your blog
  • Best tips to increase DA
  • Ways to increase DA quickly
  • Why DA is so important

Lets start first with Domain authority:-

Actually DA means how good your website is and competitive?It also clarify how much your website is best in various kinds of social ranking and ranking in alexa.DA is also related with backlinks.In this articles i will be sharing you my own tips on increasing domain authority.

Does Domain authority still matter in 2017?

Domain authority isn’t considered as a ranking factor by Google but Domain authority is highly depended upon on page seo , off page seo ,and other various factor which helps to rank your site.This number is just telling how good the domain is and how much chance to get a better rank on that domain.That means DA means how good your seo stats of website is.


Factor to check will improving the DA of your site:-

While Moz calculate the  DA of your site ecerthings matter such as on page seo , off page seo , backlink and so much so let’s look at some of the important factor that ould probably affect the domain authority of your site.

Age of domain

This is one of the important factor that will affect the domain authority of your site. If you thinks you will improve domain authority in 2 months after registration then  you are wrong. It will increase gradually as the time passes according to the traffic and engagements your domain would get so it would take at least 1 year to increase the Domain authority .

Strong On page SEO

On page is also another factor regarding SEO and domain authority . While writing post you should remember various kinds of things such as heading , title , internal linking , external linking and much more . If you remember these factor then your domain authority will increase in time



Building backlink

Back linking means sharing of link among multiple website to rank your website and drive traffic. Backlinking include guest posting , directory submission, commenting , forum posting and much more . So follow these factor to increase DA

Write content in more words

Always try to deliver high quality articles to your readers . In this age you have to write more to gain success while blogging. Keep the habit of writing long and unique contain otherwise thin content will affect your domain authority in negative way 🙂

Internal linking

Internal linking is a good way to improve the ranking of main articles of your website. You can provide site-wide links to your main old posts with some keyword rich anchor text. Check out how I kept a sidebar widget with link building resources articles.

Build relationship with blogger

This techniques is what every professional blogger follow. You must build a strong relationship with top blogger related to your niches so that you may exchange comment , have a guest post written and get branding over their blog . So always try to be in link with more bloggers.

That’s it for this articles , Just keep on following these tricks to increase DA . Be away from black hat tactics other wise it may create a negative impact on your domain authority . Happy blogging 🙂




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