Meet world first holographic 3d smartphone-TECHROYS

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Meet world first holographic 3d smartphone:-

The high end camera manufacture company RED ENTRERTAINMENT from japan have announced a smartphone called HYDROGEN.Well it sounds weird for you yeah?Well it’s named according to the first elements of periodic table.Holographic 3d smartphone was announced on their website recently “The first multidimensional holographic communication device”.

In their website they explained that the holographic 3d smartphone will feature a  5.7 inch screen which uses a nanotechnology to switch between 2D to 3D holographic content and a video games.This is their first multidimensional holographic communication device.

holographic 3d smartphone:-

RED has also said it will use an algorithm to turn stereo sound into “Multidimensional Audio” to add a more immersive experience. Something completely logical if you want to get a more intense AR and VR experience with this new device.

As for the design, we can see in the render how this Hydrogen will be. Includes a headphone jack output and something that looks like a USB-C type port. On the left side is the power button and what we assume is the slot for SIM and microSD cards.

 Some caveats about the phone: The preliminary design that accompanies the press release is subject to change. And RED says its initial price quote may not hold up by the time Hydrogen One hits store shelves. Despite this statement, RED is taking pre-orders for the Hydrogen One, which is set to reach the public by early 2018. However, RED said it won’t be able to fill all orders on time “due to display production limitations.” Modular attachments won’t be available at launch, either
The logo of the RED cameras is surrounded by membranes with a shape similar to that of a diffuser. We also see at the top, what appears to be a sensor for the camera and a LED flash. Without knowing more details about the operating system, everything indicates that it will use Android.

According to company statements, the phone will be out in 2018 and it is already possible to pre-buy on its official website. We can buy an aluminum version for $1195 and $1595 for a variant made of titanium.

Finally, RED assures that all this is subject to changes, both the design and specifications can vary at any time. In addition, at the time of launch, it is possible that not all orders arrive on time, due to production limitations.

The different modules will also not be available output. A very important contra, since its modular condition is another of the interesting additions of the device.

The Hydrogen joins current modular phones easy to repair and upgradeable, but, we have to wait to see if the network device will revolutionize the market as much as the company says.

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