Increase alexa rank fast using white hat techniques

Increase alexa rank fast using white hat techniques

Increase alexa rank:-

It is the wish of each and every new blogger to increase alexa rank . Increasing in alexa rank give the confidence to blogger and to stay in the fields.But the sad truth among the new blogger of every categories is that 70 % of the bloggers doesn’t even know what the heck is alexa ranking or how to increase it with white hat method.

The other sad part is that new bloggers want to increase alexa rank within few hours and go to various kind of scam website.In that website they may ask to write a great review and send traffic which tell to increase the alexa rank. But the traffic send by that fake website are not organic they are just bot . Then it is sure that your website will be blacklisted and never be crawled by the search engine and you can’t think of alexa rank after that 😛 Alexa is indeed very smart and uses an advancement in technology to differ bot traffic from human traffic.The main purpose of the alexa rank is how much human traffic that the website get from organic search or social media shares.

What is alexa rank ?

Alexa Rank is a rough measure of a website’s popularity as compared with all other websites on the Internet, by taking account of no.of unique visitors and no. of pages viewed on each visit. Alexa rank totally depends on website traffic. Alexa collects information from users who have installed Alexa tool bar on their browsers and gives rank to sites based on a specific algorithm.

Why is it necessary to increase alexa rank?

You guys may be wondering why people only look after the alexa rank ? Because no any website can’t be compared with alexa. It has been partnered with many other website . Below are some reason to increase alexa rank

Endorsements And Contracts

Alexa is one of the large website traffic measuring company and it has linked with top company in the world. If the company want to promote their business through blogs and website alexa ranking matters the most.

Respect among Blogger

If you are a blogger and you have the high alexa ranking in your Niche , then you are sure that it will feel great. It will increase the reputation among the bloggers and many of the blogger may start following you.If you’re a blogger that tends to attract respect then increasing your alexa rank has to be a priority.You will be respected because of the alexa ranking 🙂

Increase in website worth

If you own a website and have more alexa rank then it will increase the revenues of your website. Do you know why?

Because Google will start sending organic traffic to your blog and it will increase the impressions and engagement ratio. Simply affiliate marketing could also be the best way to generate income from your blog which is receiving high traffic


Ways to increase Alexa rank:-

Organic traffic

Organic search traffic refers to the traffic that you obtain from direct search engine search. Personally i think this is the bets way to increase the alexa ranking in fast way . Organic traffic are the best web traffic that you receives in your blog . They are really benefical and helps to rank your site.Organic traffic helps you to increase the alexa rank 10 times faster according to various experiements.

So for getting organic traffic you need to do the keywords research . You may try Google keywords planner for free purpose but personally i would recommend sem rush for keyword research .Just use the keywords having low competition and medium because you will get organic traffic in the fast ways .


Posting Regularly

You may be confusing wha you are saying “posting regularly will increase alexa rank? ” Really . Well answer is no

Alexa rank will increase if you get visitor and you can achieve that by posting regularly and doing keywords research that could drive traffic to your blog.Regular doesn’t means everyday . Create a schedule and publish the articles within 2 day or 3 day but be sure to be consistent and many people may be thinking ” what if my publish copyrighted content?” and always bear in mind that Alexa has intelligence sytem that will regular check your contents for plagiarism so try to make your contents uniques and interesting.

Getting links(Backlinks)

Getting links from the blogs/website that are related to your Niches will increase you Alexa ranking . This is one of the best factor to increase your Alexa ranking but it is not so easy also.The links are called inbounds link , these link are connected to your website from other website.Not all backlinks will increase your alexa ranking , links from high DA and PA site will helps to increase the alexa ranking in the significant manner.


These are the tricks you should follow and personally i am following to increase the alexa ranking. Happy blogging 🙂



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