Installing Black hat sec Debian in HDD

Installing Black hat sec Debian in HDD:-

If you are one of the guys trying to figure out how to install the black hat sec, then here is the instruction for that.

Black hat sec is a popular Pentesting tool which contains over 1200 tools for hacking,

1.First of all you will need a big DVD 5 GB


2.Burn your iso that you have downloaded from other sources to DVD to a speed of 3x .

3.Go in live mode with the r43p3r and open a terminal and type this command :

i) x-terminal-emulator -e /usr/bin/refractainstaller-gui

4.Select simple installation.

5.Select gparted and create your partition to install the os and close gparted.

6.Now select the partition you have just created and hit ok


Its all done now hit install and just wait.


After the installation is finished you need to reboot and go again on live mode with a ubuntu distribution(any one) and install and run boot-repair at this step you can reboot and your will be prompted to grub menu and you will see your new os. cheers!!


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