Do you want to write a keywords targeted blog post to drive lots of traffic from search?Then I am damn sure that you guys could be interested in knowing the top ON PAGE SEO techniques to rank on Google. ON SITE SEO is also the same things you should be careful while ranking on first on Google.

Writing a blog post isn’t Just sharing your ideas and views. A perfectly optimized contents will have the proper keyword research , proper placement of keywords and following ON PAGE and OFF PAGE SEO factors.In this articles i’ll be covering you guys top on page seo checklist you should follow while writing each and every blog post.

What is On-Page SEO

On page SEO is much important for the digital market.If you wants the organic traffic for your website then you website must be well web optimized for the web crawlers.If you content are well optimized by the crawlers it is sure that your site will rank first in GOOGLE and other search engiene.SEO can performed in white hat ways and black hat ways.In this article I will be talking only about white hat SEO.So i will be clearing your guys about on page seo first.Best on page seo techniques for blogger.

I have experience of blogging and SEO for about 7 month.According to me and various kinds of research on page seo concerns all kinds of Google’s ranking factor that are directly determined by looking at the page which you are trying to optimize such as headlines,contents and page structure.


ON PAGE SEO factors to rank a page in 2017

  1. Try keywords research and putting relevant search terms or long tail keywords around the main keywords.
  2. Internal linking of own previous or upcoming blog articles with lots of well researched long tail keywords to boost backlinking profile.
  3. Keep the habit of using focus keywords in all possible area , this helps the search engine to look after the articles quickly and show your results .
  4. Always write the artcles about something in detail. Minimum of 600 words is recommended and above 1000 words is best because Google will easily rank if your articles have 1000 words.
  5. External linking is also the techniques for every new bloggers are following. While writing the articles try to link your articles to other articles using long tail keywords.
  6. Use of SEO optimized image will boost on page seo score of your blog and try to use the image having proper size providing alt tag.
  7. Never keep the habit of repeating the main (focus) keywords in all major area such as H1,H2,H3,TITLE , better use tweaked keywords.
  8. Contents title is what search engine first look while searching the results. Try to write 2 contents title to attract your audience for first and to attract search engine at second.
  9. Keep the slug of the articles simple (permalink) by adding focus keywords and don’t make it lengthy.
  10. Keywords density is also the crucial factor or on page seo , keep the keywords density 1-1.5% so that search engine could look after it easily.
  11. Write the unique and epic articles to gain engagement from social medias such as twitter and facebook.
  12. Try to use italic,bold and underline in focus keywords so that search engine could recognize your article easily.
  13. Always main the page speed of your site and check it regularly and remove unnecessary java scripts elements.
  14. Infographics and use of videos relevant is the best ways to gain attraction from viewers.
  15. Meta description is also what you should follow to rank on google and use a main keywords in it.
  16. Use of meta title is the best ways to play with your users.
  17. Add floating social media button to your blog post so that viewer may share it easily when they like it.
  18. Provide the link of the related articles in your post to improve the bounce rate.
  19. Long tail keywords is best ways to gain a targeted traffic so use it wisely.
  20. Make the article look good by providing various formatting options, paragraphs to improve the readability.
  21. Whenever replying to the blog comments try to use the focus keywords , this will help to gain more traffic.
  22. Use of internal link is must in your major articles 🙂
  23. Make your website mobile friendly.
  24. Try to minimize grammatical errors as far as possible to deliver great reading experience to the user.


CONCLUSION:- These are the factor you should take care while improving on page seo factors. Happy blogging 🙂


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