on page seo techniques to rank yor site on first page

Top on page seo techniques to rank yor site on first page:-

We all know how much SEO is important for any kinds of blog and other sites on the internet.It is the main factor to rank your site in google.We’ll be talking about top on page seo techniques. There are two types of seo:-


On page SEO is much important for the digital market.If you wants the organic traffic for your website then you website must be well web optimized for the web crawlers.If you content are well optimized by the crawlers it is sure that your site will rank first in GOOGLE and other search engiene.SEO can performed in white hat ways and black hat ways.In this article I will be talking only about white hat SEO.So i will be clearing your guys about on page seo first.Best on page seo techniques for blogger.

on page seo techniques:-

I have experience of blogging and SEO for about 7 month.According to me and various kinds of research on page seo concerns all kinds of Google’s ranking factor that are directly determined by looking at the page which you are trying to optimize such as headlines,contents and page structure.

off page seo techniques

Off-page SEO refers to all variables Google takes a look at, which are not exclusively in your own hands, but depend on other sources, such as social networks, other blogs in your industry and the personal history of the searcher.

So ON PAGE SEO is one of the best factor that determines the google ranking of your website which your are trying to rank depending upon their page heading,title,premalinks,Heading and other various kinds of the elements around the page.So to increase SERP rank SEO is must and it is also on the factor to increase domain authority and page authority.Which factor you give that so that your Along with Human Web crawls also love it.

Few years ago it was very simple to rank your site on the Google . If you start using do follow comments and simple create the backlinks on any website your website would be ranked.But things has changed a lot. Now to rank on  Google First page you need to do more. Now increasing the keywords in the article is not going to rank on Google SERP.

So I am going to share you guys the top on page seo techniques to rank your site first on Google.I am sure if you start following these 9 killer ON PAGE SEO techniques you site will reach to the whole new level.


Short length URL is one of the killer part among the ON PAGE SEO .If you start using the shorts lengths url you website will sky rocket in google and other web crawlers.As much as simple URL and Short URLs your Page position rank in Google search will high.check the image below for more understanding.

So from next time whenever you are going to write contents just keep in mind to keep short and simple URLs length. This is simple steps which can be followed by you very easily to keep your URLs short and simple.


This techniques is simple like above but one of the must important factor for on page seo.After finish writing the articles be sure to mention the focus keyword in the permalinks of your post.Be sure the keywords is shorts and sweet not so much rough.I actually believed this techniques because I ranked by page in google in third by focusing the keyword in the permalinks of my post.You can see the image below:-


LSI stands for latent semantic indexing.It is the keywords that google understands what your articles is about.It is also one of the important factor regarding the on page seo.If you use LSI keywords in your articles then surely Google easily understand what is your topic related to and it will show to correct viewers.Google web crawler use algorithm to understand the article that on which topic your article is written on.If you properly use the LSI keywords google will understands what your articles is about.

How to generate LSI keywords?

just click on this you will be redirected to site where you can Find  LSI keywords


Always try to keep the keywords density at about 1.5% mixing some of the LSI keywords such is most important for ranking your site in the Google.Be sure  to use your main keyword once in the first paragraph and again in the last paragraph. And use it in the content where it makes sense.


Internal linking refers to linking the related post on your blog.It will help you to pass page rank of other site to your site.Interlinking helps the visitors and allow them to spend more time on your blog


Meta Description is the description that is below the SEO title of your blog post.Make the meta description SEO friendly.Always tries to write something cool that force visitors to click on your post and go through it.But just don’t spam the meta description.A meaning meta description allow your post to get crawled by search engiene.Be sure your meta description always contain the focus keywords.


Linking is best factor to rank your website on Google.External linking is the process of linking post relevant from other blogs to post on your blog.This also helps in exchanging the visitors.While linking to the post of other website be sure to link to trusted only.External linking also helps to develop strong backlinks which is essential for organic views.Always use dofollow  link for the trusted site and nofollow for those site for which you thinks they aren’t worthy.


This is also one of the important factor for SEO .Using interesting multimedia contents will increase the user experiences over your blog and articles.Reader love those multimedia content and they might be your regular visitor.For example if you write blog post related to hosting you can add one video showing instruction.Don’t worry if you can’t make video, you can simply embed video from youtube.



Site speed refers to the loading time of the blog.You guys may be thinking will this affect the ranking of the site?absolutely yes.Google will rank the website if the website loading time is slower.For example if you type “best wordpress hosting tutorial” google will look start caching and show the result whose loading time is slower.You can disable plugin which are taking more space and you think they are unnecessary.For the optimization install wp-super cache from wordpress plugin store.

These are the 9 killer ON PAGE SEO tips to ranks your blog.so if you find this interesting be sure to leave a comment and share.see you guys soon!!!


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