secret camera app to capture photos who tries to unlock your phone

secret camera app to capture photos who tries to unlock your phone

 secret camera app to capture photos who tries to unlock your phone:-

Have your ever been a situation when you have suspected someone trying to access your Android smartphone when it is lock and haven’t been able to find out what’s actually going ? Then you are at a right place today we are presenting you the secret camera app that takes picture automatically when someone tries to access your phone.

If you have an android smartphone running jellybean and above you can easily install a simple app that allow you to take the picture of suspect without knowing.The name of the app is hidden eye that clicks the picture automatically.

secret camera app:-

Hidden Eye is a simple app with no frills that will photograph the person when they try to unlock your phone. You can set it to play your ringtone when a user tries to unlock your phone without your knowledge.

Way to install hidden eye app that take the picture of someone without knowing:-

  • Download and install hidden eye application from play store
  • Open the app and then tap on the Security Status to enable the security status.

  • After switching the security status, the app will ask you to activate the application device administrator access. Tap on “Activate”
  • Once the application gets activated, lock your phone and try unlocking it with wrong pattern or Gesture just to test the app. If everything goes right, you will see the intruders photo on unlock.

Important: You need to first deactivate HiddenEye from the Device Administrator. The settings for device administrators can be found in Location and Security > Device administrators in the android system setting.

This app also has the feature of sound alarm after 3 incorrect attempts, which you can deactivate it by going through HiddenEye settings. This is how you can use Hidden Eye Android application to capture the picture of those who try to unlock your phone.


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