Top Samsung secret code to unlock hidden features

 Samsung secret code for Hacks

As many people know android is best operating system compared to iphone and window OS because of it’s services and freedom of setting user can access.In addition to the installation of various kind of the software android user has also facility to change the way on how to perform the operation.These are the samsung secret code for hacks.

In this articles i’ll be sharing you some of the USSD code to unlock the hidden features of your Android or any samsung phone.

Samsung secret code for unlocking hidden features

1) *3001#12345#*

Type the code *3001#12345#* in the call section of your phone and you can access the information about local networks and cell tower.

2) *#0*#

Just type *#0*# in the dialer and you can  operate with a single push like Sleep, Front cam, vibration etc.

3) *#06#

This is most known code and will give the information about imei number of your device.

4) *#67#

This option let you check the call forwarding status of your  device.

5) #31#

This code will let you hide your phone from the caller ID , using this code will give you the popup saying your caller id has been disabled.

6) *5005*7672#

If you are getting a error while sending message to your friends then your message center number must be incorrect.You can get the correct message center number by typing the code.

7) *43#


Using this code will enable the call waiting features on your smartphone.

8) *#7353#

This code opens a quick test panel, where users can check their Vibration, Speaker, Screen Dimming, Camera etc.

9) *#1234#

This is another code that works on Samsung smartphones, just dial the code *#1234# and press the call button to know the phone’s current firmware.

10) *#3282*727336*#

This code works on some Android devices. This code lets users check their phone’s data usage.

So these are the top code to enable the hidden feature of your device.If you like this article do share , Happy blogging 🙂


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