WordPress google adsense approval trick 2017

WordPress google adsense approval trick:-

Are you a proud owner of your website? Want to earn some money from your contents while sleeping also and looking for a best CPC networks to monitize the content?Then I am damn sure you would apply for Google adsense.We also know that it is quite tough for a bloggers to get a adsense approval.If you are thinking getting approval is a easy task then you are wrong.About a decades ago getting adsense approval wasn’t a hard task but things has changed a lot.We know that googe adsense is the best CPC network to monitize your low or high traffic site.But i have some tricks for you guys which helps to get a adsense approval within a week.I get my approval for techroys.com in only about a week and i’ll be sharing how i did.I am going to share wordpress google adsense approval tricks.

If you are blogger from USA,AUSTRALIA,CANADA then getting adsense approval easy and if you are from south asian countries then ADSENSE approval is not that easy according to Google new policy.The tricks i am going to share require a website and it can’t be achieved without that.


WordPress Google adsense approval tricks:-

  • Age of owner:-If you own a site you must be atleast 18 year to apply for adsense. This is the first step for adsense approval.If you are below 18 then your your adsense request will be rejected for sure.
  • Domain :- It is a really very hard to get adsense approval by sub domain such as .blogpot.com . So connect your site to top level domain such as .com or .org or .net
  • Website :- Submit adsense approval only by active site , never use dead and inactive site
  • Use of content :- Google doesn’t allow you to monitize the site which support pornography , any particular religion , pirated stuff, copyrighted content etc. There before applying for adsense remove those contents.
  • Use of business email :- Well this isn’t a compulsary but if you submit a adsense approval from business email like [email protected] rather than [email protected] it gonna give you a branding and have a high chance for approval
  • Submission of site :- Before submitting site for approval you must submit for site to google webmasters so that it get indexed by the search engine. You can submit by going to webmaster.google.com
  • Number of articles :- If you website contain about 15-20 articles then in my views it is the best itme to send for approval. If you submit for approval like 5 articles there is less chance of approval.
  • Paid traffic :- Never use a paid tafffic tools to generate traffic to your website.Only use white hat techniques because it may violates google terms and condition
  • SEO optimized & Structured Web Design :- This is most important part. Be sure to use a SEO friendly templates which is responsive on each and every device.If you have great template then loading time will be less and post of your website can easily be indexed.
  • Pages :- Your website must contain privacy policy , about us , contact us and terms and service page. If you miss these page then your application is sure to get rejected.
  • Remove other ad network :- Before applying for adsense you website must be clean and neat . It musn’t contain any other ad networks.

So if you use these tricks then you can get a adsense approval within a tricks. If you have any difficulty write down below and share with you friends and family 🙂


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